Attempting To Play PSO2

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If not familiar with PSO2 Meseta this time-codes, its California time. However, if ever wondering what time zone some thing is in relation to yours, you are able to Google the time code and it'll show you the current time in that zone without needing to click on an actual site.

PSO2 day is about the 2nd of every month. There is also another PSO2 day to the 22nd of every month, however, the boosts on that day are only for premium users.

Does it make sense to begin playing PSO2 today?

So PSO2 has been released on Steam and now I'm curious, I want to attempt it.

My question is, if PSO2: New Genesis is coming next season and I'll need to make a personality from scratch anyway, what's the point of starting today? If you believe I need to, can you tell me ? . .

Plus, the first PSO2 will still be available.

Hell yeah. It's a fun sport and we're getting a ton of articles thrown at us within the next year or so. Plus, some things (seems like makeup ) will be transferring over to NGS.

It is a really shitty method of doing so but if they still count moonmates and shit as gear and permit it to move between the two games, I had probably cheese meseta around to NGS by purchasing a storage filled with moonmates and slowly selling them over on NGS.

The major thing that I could view is that New Genesis isn't just a"replacement" into Phantasy Star Online 2 nonetheless. For the time being, I am personally expecting it to be some thing similar to how Phantasy Star Online 2es is handled where Cheap PSO2 Meseta they're companion games which just happen to share your account and advancement in some way so you might go between one or the other when you want.